SkillsPEI is a Division of the Department of Workforce and Advanced Learning. It was established in 2009 to manage the delivery of training and skills development programming funded by the Canada-Prince Edward Island Labour Market Development Agreement and Canada-PEI Job Fund Agreement.

Employment Services and Supports


Under the Canada-PEI Job Fund, Employment Services and Supports enhance the labour market participation of Islanders by preparing them for entry or return to employment, or to maintain skills for employment.

Eligible Projects

Employment Services and Supports projects may include such activities as:

  • Skills training, ranging from basic literacy and numeracy to advanced skills training;
  • On-the-job training and workplace based skills upgrading;
  • Group interventions and job readiness assistance;
  • Services to facilitate matching supply and demand of skilled labour;
  • Other activities that promote skill enhancement and labour market participation.

How to Apply

Please download and complete the Employment Services and Supports application form and deliver it to your local SkillsPEI office. 


Work Experience PEI


Work Experience PEI is an employment program developed to provide financial support to non-profit community organizations for projects that provide the job seeker with a valuable work experience and potential for long term employment. As the employee works on various aspects of the project activities, they will develop skills required in the workforce.

Who is eligible to participate?

If you are a hiring a new employee who lacks work experience for a short term project, we can provide financial assistance to subsidize a portion of the wages up to a maximum of 52 weeks.

Eligible employers include:
• Non-profit organizations

How do I apply?

You must complete the Work Experience PEI organization application form and submit it to your local SkillsPEI office. A Program Officer will contact you within a few days to discuss your needs.

To be approved we will need:
• Completed Work Experience organization application form
• Detailed job description including job duties, education requirement and timeline of training activities for the new employee
• The contact information for the new employee

When is my application due?

There is no deadline for applications under the Work Experience PEI program as we accept applications on a year round basis.

How does the program work?

Once you submit your completed application package, SkillsPEI will review your application. Once you receive confirmation that your application has been approved for the Work Experience PEI program, your new employee can start work.