Various SP-03 Jobs, Prince Edward Island Tax Centre and Tax Services Office (Open to the General Public)


Various SP-03 Jobs, Prince Edward Island Tax Centre and Tax Services Office (Open to the General Public)

Canada Revenue Agency

$44,693 – $49,335 a year – Temporary

While not exhaustive, the following is an overview of some of the primary job duties:

Analyze, verify, process and resolve files internally generated or requested by taxpayers, benefit recipients, and/or their representatives, as they relate to assessments or reassessments. Determine the amount of taxes, benefits and/or penalties and provide the necessary explanation of changes to these amounts. Other duties may include responding verbally or in writing to requests for information from taxpayers, benefit recipients, and/or their representatives, and referring them when necessary to the applicable area. When required, the role may also include operating an automated telephone call distribution system to respond to taxpayer requests. Staffing Requirements to apply You must clearly demonstrate on your online application how you meet the essential staffing requirements to apply.

Education – Essential Requirement

A secondary school diploma (high school diploma)


GED Certificate


Diploma, normally associated with a 2-year program, from a recognized college


Graduation, with a degree, from a recognized university.

A *recognized postsecondary institution is defined as a Canadian public or private institution that is recognized or authorized to grant degrees, diplomas, and other credentials by a public or private act of the provincial/territorial legislature or through a government-mandated quality assurance mechanism. The institution must be listed in the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials . Candidates with foreign education credentials must have their education confirmed by a recognized credential assessment service; please visit the Canadian Information Centre of International Credentials website at .

Failure to provide proof of education will result in your application being screened out.

Experience – Essential Requirement

Possess a work experience normally acquired in six (6) months in the last two (2) years of performing clerical duties and/or providing direct service to the public in person or by phone.


Proficiency with computers Languages Requirements Various Language Requirements Staffing requirements to be assessed/applied Any essential staffing requirements indicated below will be assessed/applied at a later date. Any discretionary staffing requirements indicated below may be applied/assessed at a later date.

You must notify the manager/staffing board of any leave plans and any change of address or contact information that may occur during this staffing process.


Staffing requirement: Essential:

General Administration Test (GAT-380)
Pass mark : 35/65
Tool type : PSC standardized tool
Assessment method : Written exam. The re-test period for the General Administration Test is ninety (90) days. For more information on the GAT-380, please refer to the Candidate Handbook at the following link: .

Pass mark : Requires a pass mark of ‘Good’.
Tool type : Locally developed assessment tool
Assessment method : Reference check

Pass mark : Pass/Fail
Tool type : Locally developed assessment tool
Assessment method : Professionalism will be assessed throughout this staffing process.

Staffing requirement: Discretionary:

Interpersonal Skills
Pass mark : Good
Tool type : Locally developed assessment tool
Assessment method : Interview

Explaining Requirements In a Clear and Professional Manner
Pass mark : Good
Tool type : Locally developed assessment tool
Assessment method : Interview/Role play

*Please note: the results from locally developed assessment tools are not portable to other staffing processes; however, assessment for the above qualifications will be conducted jointly with other external staffing processes, 51346451 (Various SP-04 jobs) and 51251047 (Various SP-05 jobs). Therefore, candidates will only be assessed once on the above indicated qualifications and the results will be applicable to 51346451 and 51251047. Candidates will need to apply on the individual processes in order to be considered for each one.

PSC tests
If you already have valid results for the PSC tests and did not receive an official copy of your results, you can request these results by fax from the Public Service Commission at 613-992-9694 or from the following Internet address: Confirmation of Previous Test Results . You must include your name, date of birth, fax number or your personal address as well as your Personal Record Identifier (PRI), if you have one.

Experience – Requirements Constituting an Asset

• Experience in accounting
• Experience with Microsoft office , or other similar computer programs
• Experience working with CRA programs as a CRA employee
• Experience researching and interpreting legislation, policies and procedures, and/or results analysis
• Experience collecting debts owing from individuals or businesses such as loans, credit card debts, mortgages, and/or accounts receivable or federal income taxes
• Mechanical experience or working with machinery, for some types of positions
• Experience with telephone contact, i.e. a call centre environment
• Experience in workflow relating to the position being staffed
• Degree of experience working with the public in a client service environment. This would include providing services to the public including, but not limited to:
- Explaining and sharing information
- Responding to requests and inquiries
- Resolving complaints and problems

Second Language Evaluation

For bilingual positions, candidates must be able to work in both official languages, English and French. Second Language Evaluation (SLE) testing will be administered as required using the Public Service Commission’s SLE tests.

Bilingual positions may be staffed with the following levels:
• BBC/BBC (Reading Comprehension, Written Expression, Oral Proficiency)

Candidates will only be invited to a SLE Test of Oral Proficiency in the Second Official Language if they have successfully met the requirements for the Reading Comprehension and Written Expression Tests for SLE.

If you would like to prepare yourself for the SLE tests, please visit the SLE website.

Applicants who have previously written the SLE test during the past 30 days will not be able to rewrite these tests and will have to use their previous mark(s).
In the case where you have previously written the SLE, and you do not have the official copy of your results, you can send a request to the Public Service Commission. Please refer to the attached link for further information: .

Additional Staffing Requirements

Essential requirements:

• Reliability/Security – Reliability Status

• Performance

The required performance levels for appointments from this staffing process are:

For temporary lateral moves or appointments to a lower level:
Candidates must have achieved a performance level of « Results mostly meet expectations » or « Level 2 » or higher on the most recent finalized performance report.

Candidates who are not CRA employees must meet their current work expectations.

If a candidate is a member or a former member of the Canadian Forces or a member of the Canadian Forces released for medical reasons attributable to service, he must meet the expectations of his current employment.

If a candidate doesn’t have the required performance level, the candidate will not proceed further in the staffing process.

Requirements constituting an asset:

• Additional education/training – such as:

- University Degree
- College diploma with a specialty in Business programs

• Type of education: some degrees or diplomas may be more relevant to the business requirements of the position being staffed and may be considered an asset

• Budget considerations

• Duration of appointment

• Start date

• Availability throughout the duration of a temporary appointment

• Minimize business disruption

• Employment Equity

We may use employment equity at the appointment stage of this staffing process according to the CRA’s employment equity plans and business requirements. If Employment Equity is used as a staffing requirement to appoint from this staffing process, all candidates and all individuals with preferred status will have to meet this staffing requirement in order to be considered for appointment.

Conditions of employment

• Willingness to shift work (evenings) General information For information on how to apply, communication during the staffing process, foreign credentials, employment equity, accommodations during assessment, security status or clearance, and our code and conflict of interest requirements refer to the general information page .

CRA employees are dedicated to serving in the public interest and have worked hard to earn the trust of Canadians. The Code of integrity and professional conduct and the Directive on conflict of interest, gifts and hospitality, and post-employment are important documents that outline the expected standards of conduct for CRA employees. We strongly recommend that you take the time to review these documents before you consider an employment opportunity with the CRA. Please note that a conflict of interest arises whenever an employee’s private interests and/or outside activities impair, or could be perceived to impair, their ability to make decisions with integrity, impartiality, honesty, and in the best interests of the CRA and the Government of Canada.

This is process will be open until August 31, 2017. Candidates who apply will be screened approximately every thirty days; however, this may vary subject to the number of applications received. Those candidates who meet the pre-requisite staffing requirements will be invited to the assessment stage.

Before submitting an application, potential applicants should take notice of the requirements of this job opportunity to determine if they are eligible to apply.

Applicants from the general public who do not meet the eligibility requirements in order to apply on this staffing process will not be considered and will not be contacted.

You have until 11:59 PM, Eastern Time, of the closing date to submit your online application.

Applicants can view the status of their application by logging into their Candidate profile on our Careers at the CRA site.

The closing date and time specified on this Notice of Job Opportunity is subject to change. It may either be extended where an insufficient number of candidates apply, or may be shortened where a vast number of candidates apply. You are encouraged to submit your application as soon as possible.


One or more pool of candidates eligible for appointment will be established for this staffing process.

Candidates will be added to the pool as they meet the essential staffing requirements.

This staffing process may be used to staff the following jobs:

• Accounts and Benefits Processing Clerk
• Assessment Processing Clerk
• Assessment, Accounts & Benefits Processing Clerk-Individuals
• Console & Mechanized Distribution Officer
• Initial Verification or Election Processing Resource Clerk
• Office Audit Clerk
• Compliance & Tracing Clerk
• Employer Accounts Agent

or similar positions.

As well as your online application, please attach your resume to your candidate profile.

Veterans’ Hiring Act (VHA)

The VHA allows current and honourably released former Canadian Forces (CF) members to continue serving Canadians by granting them access to employment opportunities within the federal public service. In order to be considered, these current and former CF members must have at least three years of service and must not already be permanently employed in the CRA or federal public service.

In support of the VHA, the CRA has committed to allowing members and former members of the Canadian Forces access to apply on internal CRA staffing processes (open to CRA employees only) and CRA’s interdepartmental staffing processes (open to CRA and federal public service employees). As a result, internal CRA job opportunities are posted on CRA’s external Careers website for this purpose.

Members and honourably released former members of the Canadian Forces applying to this staffing process are required to include the details of the Member’s Personnel Record Resume (MPRR) or other official documents or pieces of identification (for example, a copy of their release letter), which are documents issued by the Department of National Defence (DND) with their application to confirm their eligibility to apply.

If the current or former Canadian Forces member does not have a MPRR, he or she may contact Department of National Defence’s Director of Casualty Support Management (DCSM) at 1(800) 883-6094 or for a copy of their MPRR or other official documents. For information on requesting a determination regarding status as a medically-released veteran, visit Veterans Affairs Canada .

Preferred Status

Before appointments are made from this staffing process, priority for appointment will be given to individuals with CRA preferred status. Members of the Canadian Forces released for medical reasons attributable to service will be given priority for appointment before all other individuals with CRA preferred status. Priority for appointment will be in the following order:

1. Members of the Canadian Forces released for medical reasons attributable to service with preferred status.
2. Individuals with either CRA surplus preferred status or CRA lay-off preferred status who live and/or work within the general rule of minimum distance of the position.
3. All other individuals with CRA preferred status who live and/or work within the general rule of minimum distance of the position.

Employment Equity

If Employment Equity is used as a staffing requirement to appoint from this staffing process, all candidates and all individuals with preferred status will have to meet the staffing requirements identified on this Notice of Job Opportunity in order to be considered for appointment.

Security Status/Clearance

An integral part of the Personnel Screening Program requires that all candidates being appointed into the CRA be subject to a reliability check. This includes the verification of reliability, employment history, police records and could include fingerprinting. The Personnel Screening Program was implemented to protect information that is departmentally sensitive or sensitive to the national interest by ensuring that all persons engaged by CRA meet standards of reliability, trustworthiness and loyalty required by the nature of their duties or tasks.

When attending any tests and/or interview sessions, candidates may be required to complete Personnel Screening forms so that a reliability check can be conducted. When completing the personnel security clearance form, you will be required to provide complete addresses for the places you resided in the last FIVE YEARS, including the year(s) and month(s) for each residence. If you were residing outside of Canada in the last five years, you may experience a delay in obtaining a security status/clearance.

In addition, candidates may be required to provide the original and photocopies of two of the documents listed below. Please note that one must be a photo ID. Photocopying services will not be provided.

  • Valid Canadian passport
  • Other passports with a Certificate of Citizenship or Permanent Resident card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Valid Canadian driver’s licence
  • Federal Public Service issued ID cards


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