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Charlottetown’s own ScreenScape Number 2 On Atlantic Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Charlottetown’s own ScreenScape Number 2

On Atlantic Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies


Canada’s eastern seaboard is home to some of the country’s most dynamic and successful firms, and the Atlantic Canadian companies

on the 2017 PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies are proof.

The five Atlantic Canadian firms on this year’s ranking grew their revenues an average of 376% between 2011 and 2016.

Collectively they employed 236 full time-equivalent employees in 2016.

Here is the complete list of Atlantic Canada’s fastest-growing companies for 2017.

1. Supplement King Canada
PROFIT 500: No. 85
Growth (2011–2016): 856%
Revenue (2016): $5–10 million
Headquarters: Dartmouth, N.S.
What it does: Franchises a chain of stores selling health and fitness supplements

2. ScreenScape
PROFIT 500: No. 118
Growth (2011–2016): 591%
Revenue (2016): $2–5 million
Headquarters: Charlottetown, P.E.I.
What it does: Develops web-based software that controls digital displays

3. World Link Food Distributors
PROFIT 500: No. 272
Growth (2011–2016): 220%
Revenue (2016): $50–100 million
Headquarters: Goffs, N.S.
What it does: Sells seafood products from Atlantic Canada to wholesalers and retailers

4. Premiere Mortgage Centre
PROFIT 500: No. 382
Growth (2011–2016): 131%
Revenue (2016): $10–20 million
Headquarters: Halifax, N.S.
What it does: Brokers mortgages for home buyers and commercial clients

5. PQA (Professional Quality Assurance)
PROFIT 500: No. 481
Growth (2011–2016): 83%
Revenue (2016): $10–20 million
Headquarters: Fredericton, N.B.
What it does: Provides software testing and quality assurance consulting

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SpryPoint, featured in high profile, US based utilities publication

Homegrown software company SpryPoint, featured

in high profile, US based utilities publication

Keir Pollard. President of Charlottetown based SpryPoint recently spoke with UMC (Utility Market Connections)

a well-known US based utilities publication.

Here is an excerpt from that interview, check out the entire interview by clicking the link at the bottom of the page.


UMC: Give me a little background history on SpryPoint. How was the company founded and what are the origins of its name?

Keir Pollard: I had been working in the utility industry with mainframe and client-server software for over a decade both in

home-grown systems and packaged ERP platforms. I saw a lot of unproductive work and stagnation in developing and delivering

software and a lot more frustration from users that work with applications on a daily basis. By 2011, one could see the revolutionary

successes of the first generations of true cloud-based software, and it was clear that this was the path to frictionless application

delivery. This was also six months after the release of the iPad. When I got my hands on a first-generation iPad, I said

“This is how I want to work!” A few months later, I founded SpryPoint and immersed myself in the craft of enterprise web

development. Since then, we have built up a talented and productive development shop and support organization.

Our senior management team has over 40 years of experience in development, sales and implementation of enterprise utility solutions.

There is an interesting backstory to how we came up with the SpryPoint name.  We are headquartered in Prince Edward Island,

which on the east coast of Canada and is known for its 800 miles of coastline, beautiful beaches and brutal winters. We wanted

our brand to have a connection to our home province and also reflect our agile approach to solution delivery and customer service.

There is a small community on the coast of PEI by the name of Spry Point which is well known for the “PEI Ark” which was a

research facility for sustainable energy that was built in the wake of the 1970s-energy crisis. The name felt like it fit with the

energy, agility, and purpose that we bring to work each day.  

UMC: What is the company culture like at Sprypoint?

Keir Pollard: I’m a firm believer that if you are not enjoying what you are doing, you should be doing something else.

I truly enjoy the craft of software development, and know from experience some of the things that make for productive and

enjoyable development environment. A peaceful office, a supportive team, great equipment and productive development

toolsets are the first part. The second part is a well-rested mind. Although we are a small company and we know that the work

we are doing really matters to people in the real world, we encourage our team to work regular work hours, then go home.

In order to build great software, you really need to take time to recharge and spend time with family, play sports, or do

whatever drives you. We work hard the whole time we are in the office, then leave it alone and attack it again the next day.

While we are a group of passionate web and mobile developers, you will find no Nerf cannons or video game consoles in our office.  

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